Apple takes a bite out of the battery case aftermarket with the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case
It is probably the best looking out of all the battery cases available.

Recently, Apple released the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, its first battery case accessory for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S .At first glance it doesn’t look like an Apple designed device. The humpy (o.k. maybe lumpy is a better term) looking case looks as if someone just grabbed a battery, attached it to the back of an iPhone and covered it with some silicone.

It is kind of unusual for Apple to design something that looks so… clunky. Apple is known for some of the most exquisite industrial design of the last two decades so it comes as a surprise that they would be willing to sacrifice form over function.  In all fairness, I have yet to see an attractive battery case.

The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case lacks any sort of power button. As long as it is connected to the phone, it is powering it. The Iphone 6s Smart Battery Case also has precedence over the iPhone’s battery, meaning that if its battery has any charge and your iPhone is connected to it, your iPhone is being powered by the case. Only after the case’s battery reaches zero does your iPhone start using its own internal battery.

The case connects to the iPhone through its Lightning connector. This is not the first case to do so but this case is directly connected into the iPhone’s operating system which means that the iPhone is able to display the current battery status of the case on the iPhone’s new battery widget (for iOS 9) found in the Today panel of the notification center, and on the lock screen when you first put your phone into the case.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case
The phone slides very easily into the case.

The other one thing that sets this case apart is the ease of put it on and taking it off. To apply or remove the case, you bend back the top of the case right above the bump and slide your iPhone in or out of it. This approach is different from other battery cases that are typically made of two pieces and feel like a more permanent solution.

As far as the numbers go Apple’s Smart Battery case ($99) has a 1,877 mAh battery, that’s about 12 hours of moderate to heavy use on the case battery alone. Add to that the iPhone battery and you have about 30 hours before you need a recharge. In comparison, Mophie’s $99 Juice Pack Air offers a 2,750 mAh battery. Anker’s $47 case is less than half the price, and boasts a 3,100 mAh battery.

If you are trying to get the most bang for your buck Mophie or Anker offer a better deal but if you are the kind of person who likes everything Apple (fan boys/girls come to mind) then the answer is obvious. The case is available in black or white.